Cabin Conversion, Swan View WA 6056

Our client owns a horse stud farm in Swan View, WA and wanted to convert a used demountable building into a fully contained guest cabin to enjoy the gorgeous views. Starting with an empty space allowed the ideal design to be visualised and created. Windows and a sliding door were cut out of the walls. The shell was fitted with plasterboard throughout to give a homely feel and finish. Modern lighting installed in the newly created ceiling. The bathroom was designed to optimise the small space and custom cabinetry installed in the new bedroom. Customised kitchen was installed with all appliances and lots of storage. With all the new cabinetry, the cabin maintained a spacious feel and the new deck gave the guests a beautiful outdoor living area. Our team loved creating an entire interior of the cabin and seeing the luxurious finish take shape. Our client was exceptionally happy with the outstanding, modern guest cabin that will be enjoyed by many people for many years to come.

What We Did

Interior Design / Kitchen Installation / Bathroom Installation / Bedroom Cabinetry / Bedroom Cabinetry Appliance Installation / Tiling  / Painting  / Laminate Flooring Installation / Downlight Installation / Plastering  Plumbing / Waterproofing / Shower Screen Installation / Window Installation / Sliding Door Installation / Timber Deck Installation

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