Fence Installation, Mindarie WA 6030

When you buy your new home there may be some existing problems. The fence was one such problem for our client.  The old, decrepit fence was not only an eyesore but unsafe and didn’t keep animals in (or out).  A new fence was designed, taking into consideration maintenance, aesthetics and budget.  The challenge of attaching the fence posts to differing material was addressed easily and safely.  Timber gates were designed and installed.  We also performed a garden tidy to bring the backyard to life. The materials from the old fence were removed to eliminate the disposal problem for our client.  Our team was excited to improve our clients new home by creating a practical yet beautiful timber fence to keep their family and animals safe.

What We Did

Timber Fence Installation/ Removal Old Fence Material / Garden Maintenance / Timber Gate Design / Timber Gate Installation

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