Property Maintenance

The team at APMWA offer a comprehensive range of maintenance services so our clients are free to complete their daily activities. We are able to offer our services at a competitive price, in an acceptable timeframe and with minimal disruption.

Insect Screen Replacement

If your fly screens are ripped or splitting from the frame, we offer an efficient, complete rewiring service. We fit all types of fly screens to all types of security and sliding doors, windows and vents. Whether you need one or all of the screens replaced, we are able to do so at a competitive price and in a timely manner.

Window Cleaning

We offer a complete window cleaning service to residential and commercial clients which include inside and out of residential windows and doors, shop fronts, pool fence glass panels, mirrors and balcony glass panels.


Pressure Washing

We use high pressure washing equipment to clean driveways, pathways, decking, walls, paving and concrete areas. We can restore your surfaces by removing mould, moss, oil stains, bore water stains, ingrained dirt and grease.


Gutter & Roof Cleaning and Repair

We take the hassle out of keeping your roof & gutters in good condition. It’s very important to keep the roof & gutters maintained so it doesn’t lead to further problems with leaks in the eaves, fascias or internal ceiling. We can inspect and repair broken roof tiles, clean roof tiles, clean leaves and debris out of gutters, repair or replace gutters, eaves, ridge caps and fascias, and regularly maintain the roof area.

Renovating? We Can Help


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